Annual SalesWillandra 34th Annual On-property Sale, February 15th 2022

January 5, 20220

On February 15th 2022 we will be presenting a very exciting team of high quality Simmental and Red Angus rising two year old bulls. This year marks a very significant milestone for our family as foundation members of the Simmental breed in Australia since 1972 and we are looking forward to our annual sale as the perfect opportunity to celebrate 50 years of breeding Simmentals.

Part of that celebration will include a small offering of 8 high performance 2021 drop 8-10 month old  females that we are reluctant to part with and offer a rare opportunity for Simmental stud breeders in Australia to secure females of such high quality.

Our sale will also be conducted on AuctionsPlus and catalogues are available on-line now at and at (or just click on the links located on our Annual On Property Sale Page).

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Simmental/Red Angus commercial mated heifers ready for preg scanning tomorrow morning. Seem pretty chilled about it all.

4/ I would want to know if neighbours or producers I purchased cattle from had any diseases in their herds I should know about. Otherwise the bio-security plan I have is not worth the paper it’s written on. NLIS offers you beaut traceability. DPIRD should use it. Sorry for rant.

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