Red Angus

Red Angus

Given the history of our family and its long association with agriculture, in particular with livestock production it would be fair to say that our venture into Red Angus is very recent. The decision to start a Red Angus stud was a simple one. In the late 1990s, we inspected some Red Angus/Simmental cross cows with calves at foot and were so impressed that we decided to trial the breed in our own commercial herd. The resulting progeny from the first use of Red Angus sires over Simmental cross heifers were outstanding and the Willandra Red Angus herd was established in 2000 with the initial purchase of a small number of females from the Langvale herd at Esperance. This was soon followed with a purchase of seven mated heifers from the Balaka Park herd at Albany. In its infancy, the Willandra herd essentially provided commercial sires for our own use and then in 2005 an opportunity to significantly increase the size of the Red Angus stud was taken with the purchase of the majority of the breeding females from Wilson Downs Red Angus.

Currently we have approximately 130 registered females on inventory and at our annual sale we offer up to 20 Red Angus bulls, with private sales available through the year. Like our Simmental stud, the Red Angus are managed under commercial conditions and our stringent visual and performance assessment has resulted in a very efficient and productive herd. Our efforts in improving carcase attributes have been well rewarded with our young Red Angus sires exhibiting a phenotype and genotype (as supported by their EBVs) combining excellent thickness and softness. We have no doubt that a Willandra Red Angus sire offers all the real advantages the commercial or seedstock cattle breeder is looking for.


Trevone Park Trend Setter

This sire has been a very valuable and consistent performer for us. Trendsetter has improved Growth, Milk, EMA and IMF in our herd. He is a trait leader for 600 day weight and a great bull for producing quality females.

Willandra Eric

Sold to IBR Red Angus in 2011 for $10000, with a semen share retained. Eric is a trait leader for 200, 400 and 600 Day Weight and is a bull with tremendous robustness, capacity and impeccable structure.
Willandra Cain
A very well balanced bull with great structure and longevity on his side. Perhaps the best footed Red Angus sire we have bred or seen. He has balanced EBVs combining moderate birth with healthy growth figures. Cain females are great milkers but the strength of this sire is in the thickness of his progeny as identified by the fact that he is in the top 1% of the breed for EMA.
Jutland Fraser
This sire exhibits exceptional growth and muscling. His first progeny were on the ground in 2013 and results so far are promising.


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