The Simmental stud was established in 1972 when it was formerly known as “Quaindering” and was one of Australia’s foundation herds. A property purchase and restructure of the family business in 1996 saw the stud renamed “Willandra”. Since the stud’s inception we have been passionate about Simmentals and have great admiration for the breed in its role in providing us with a profitable beef business.

The early days of Simmental breeding involved a slow but steady upgrading program. Our base cows were Hereford/Australian Illawarra Shorthorn cross and through artificial insemination using semen from European based sires such as Hampshire Mayer, Scottish Neff, Scottish Neptune and perhaps the best of the early sires, Scottish Herod, the Simmental journey began. Successful bull sales at society sponsored multi-vendor venues inspired our own on-property bull sale in 1989. Today we have approximately 180 registered breeding females in the Simmental herd and our annual bull sale is the key feature of our stud business. We offer around 38 Simmental bulls at our annual sale and private selections are available through the year. In recent years, the sale of yearling bulls to China has been a new and exciting market that we hope to encourage.

The Simmental stud is run under strictly commercial conditions, with animals selected on a combination of visual and performance assessments. Breedplan has been an important selection tool for many years with diligent weight recording and scanning for carcase traits resulting in valuable and reliable EBVs. At Willandra we have concentrated on producing Simmentals that combine high production with great efficiency, our cattle are defined by their explosive early growth and excellent carcase attributes. We are all about breeding a traditional and truly Australian Simmental that consistently produces in our environment.


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